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Wireless 4x4 Robot with D-Link Webcam

Item Number:  RGi-RTR4x4-W

The RGi-RTR4x4-W is specifically designed for local indoor/outdoor surveillance missions. The robots are a perfect match for private home, laboratory, university, hospital, inspection station or warehouse locations.

The webcam enables the robot to be used with a standards based web browser. The webcam is mounted on a remotely operated pan and tilt unit that can tilt +/- 90 degrees, so that it can lay flat and look straight up. This is useful for inspecting under cars.

The RGi-RTR4x4-N is built from tough anodized 0.10in (2.5mm) thick aluminum (12in x 7 3/4in x 3in) chassis, has 4 powerful motors, and a responsive 4x4 drive system. Available in rainforest green, desert gold, and military black anodized colors.

The robot can run extended missions with its standard lithium polymer batteries and advanced power management system. The RGi-DSCv3 software control panel can direct the robot to sleep for a programmable number of minutes.

The RGi-DSCv3 software control panel provides control of the robot via a local area wireless network or via the Internet. The control panel is highly configurable and provides for the basic functions such as forward/backward, left/right, pan left/right, tilt up/down. It further provides an expandable control set that extends control to all other RGi products.

Included with the Robot is the RGi-Advanced-Wireless-Controller a 6.2in x 5in (15.75cm x 12.75cm) dual CPU board that embodies a complete robotics control system and development platform. It communicates via wireless 802.11b/g WiFi, ZigBee 900Mhz or 802.15.4 ZigBee communications standards.


The D-Link is a high-resolution 1/4 CMOS sensor webcam. The camera features WiFi wireless via the 802.11b/g/n standards.


  • 1.0Lux @ F2.8
  • 1/4" VGA CMOS sensor with 5.01mm, F2.8 lens
  • 640x480, 30 frames/sec
  • WEP/WPA/WPA2 security
  • 16x digital zoom
  • JPEG, MPEG-4 and MJPEG formats
  • Java and ActiveX support
  • Username and password protected


Integrated Pan&Tilt

The Integrated Pan&Tilt is made of self-lubricating, durable Delrin® and is powered by a miniature R/C servo and a Robotis AX-12. The pan unit has a range of 170 degrees with better than one degree resolution. The tilt unit has a range of 90 degrees with than 0.3 degree resolution.


  • Pan axis +/- 85 degrees from center
  • Tilt axis 0 to - 90 degree from horizontal
  • Programmable rpm and torque parameters
  • Delrin self-lubricating material
  • Co-axial channel for easy routing of control/video/audio cables
  • Multiple mounting holes
  • 1.5in diameter disk for extra stability


4x4 Wheel Drive

The 4x4 wheel drive system features 4 independent wheels driven by 4 independent gearhead motors. The robot's highly maneuverable skid steering 4x4 drive make them a perfect match for tight confined areas.


  • 4 Wheels and 4 Motors
  • Highly maneuverable skid steering offers a zero turning radius
  • Powerful 235 rpm gearhead motors for precise control
  • 12mm hex adapter connects to standard R/C wheels
  • Wheels and tires are factory sealed
  • Knobby tires offer extra grip
  • Tires project in front of robot for maximum climbing capability


WiFi 802.11b/g Communications

The WiFi 802.11b/g communications systems features the latest security protocols and uses TCP and UDP sockets to provide a state-of-the-art control system.


  • Standard 802.11b/g communications uses existing infrastructure -- no custom radios or antennas needed
  • Secure AES-CCMP & TKIP 128-bit encrypted communication prevents the robot from being hijacked.
  • Exclusive SmartRoam® technology automatically attaches to the strongest access point signal.
  • Use the RGi-DSCv3 software control panel to control the robot over the Internet
  • Can use UDP control packets for responsive control and lowest latency in electromagnetically dirty environments
  • Multiple robots can share the same communications infrastructure
  • Select a dedicated IP address for each robot or let DHCP automatically configure the robot


Indoor/Outdoor Use

The RGi-RTR4x4 series robots are optimized for indoor use. They are a perfect match for private home, laboratory, university, hospital, warehouse, or inspection station locations. The low profile robots are perfect for inspecting under cars. The robots can be used outdoors so long as they do not get wet or traverse loose gravel, mud, or snow surfaces. The robot's highly maneuverable skid steering 4x4 drive make them a perfect for tight confined areas.


  • Light weight
  • Will not mark floors
  • High grip knobby tires offer extra traction
  • Powerful 235 rpm gearhead motors for precise control
  • High capacity batteries offer long run times
  • Quiet operation
  • Highly maneuverable skid steering offers a zero turning radius


RobotBASIC Programmable

The RGi-RTR4x4 series robots are easily programmable via the RobotBASIC programming/simulation environment.


  • All three communication protocols implemented, Text, Binary and Nmea
  • Remote autonomous sample code included
  • Remote control and remote sensing capability
  • Simulate the robot and debug your algorithms before going live
  • Robot Basic driver implemented by the authors of Robot Basic for maximum reliability
  • Robot Basic custom drivers included with the installation CD


Under Carriage View

The webcam can lay flat looking up, this allows the robot to inspect under cars and small spaces.


  • Tilt mechanism tilts flat against the robot
  • Camera points up



37 Pin Expansion Port

The RGi-RTR4x4 series robots have three (3) expansion ports. These are general purpose 37 pin ports and may be wired for your own requirements. The ports are located in front, top and rear for easy access to expansion peripherals. In the future, RGi will introduce a series of sensors that will attach the these expansion ports.


  • 3 x 37pin DB style connectors
  • Located front, top and rear for easy expansion
  • 4x mounting holes in front and rear to secure expansion peripheral


Advanced Power Management

The RGi-RTR4x4 robots feature advanced power management capabilities. The system provides programmable sleep times, inactivity timeouts, direct sleep mode, switchable power for the motor controller, radio sections and external webcams. This flexibilty allows you to extend your mission time from hours to weeks depending on your senario.


  • Programmable sleep times from 1 minute to 18 hours
  • Switchable power to the motor controller
  • Switchable power to the servo controller
  • Switchable power to the WiFi/Zigbee controller
  • Switchable power to the external peripherals such as webcams



Multiple Browser Support

The webcam and webcontrol software have been tested for compatibility on the four major browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome.


LiPo Battery Pack

The RGi-LiPo-11.1 is a 10Ah, 11.1V LiPo battery pack. The pack features built-in cell balancing and over voltage protection circuit. An optional 2nd battery pack can be installed to double the run-time. The battery pack offers higher energy density than standard NiMH batteries.


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